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Wan Youwen's Projects

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个人维护的安全知识框架,内容包括不仅限于 web安全、工控安全、取证、应急、蓝队设施部署、后渗透、Linux安全、各类靶机writup

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30min_guides icon 30min_guides


3d-deepbox icon 3d-deepbox

这篇文章主要是基于2D的检测框去拟合3D检测框,预测量主要有三个:1.三维框的大小(在x,y,z轴上的大小),2.旋转角,3.置信度。 3D Bounding Box Estimation Using Deep Learning and Geometry (MultiBin)

3d-pose-baseline icon 3d-pose-baseline

A simple baseline for 3d human pose estimation in tensorflow. Presented at ICCV 17.

3dmatch-toolbox icon 3dmatch-toolbox

3D卷积网络点云配准 3DMatch - a 3D ConvNet-based local geometric descriptor for aligning 3D meshes and point clouds.

action-detection icon action-detection

SSN(structured segment network,结构化的段网络)通过结构化的时间金字塔对每个行为实例的时间结构进行建模。

actionroguelike icon actionroguelike

Third-person Action Roguelike made in Unreal Engine C++ (for Stanford CS193U 2020)

ad-reading icon ad-reading

computational advertising reading list (计算广告阅读)

advbox icon advbox

AdvBox是一款由百度安全实验室研发,在百度大范围使用的AI模型安全工具箱,目前原生支持PaddlePaddle、PyTorch、Caffe2、MxNet、Keras以及TensorFlow平台,方便广大开发者和安全工程师可以使用自己熟悉的框架。 AdvBox同时支持GraphPipe,屏蔽了底层使用的深度学习平台,用户可以通过几个命令就可以对PaddlePaddle、PyTorch、Caffe2、MxNet、CNTK、ScikitLearn以及TensorFlow平台生成的模型文件进行黑盒攻击。

afl icon afl

模糊测试工具 基于llvm 在qume上仿真测试 American Fuzzy Lop american fuzzy lop (copy of the source code for easy access)

ai_for_robotics icon ai_for_robotics

Visualizations of algorithms covered in Sebastian Thrun's excellent Artificial Intelligence for Robotics course on Udacity.

algorithms-1 icon algorithms-1

This repository collects all algorithms I am practicing to program.

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