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jjdbear's Projects

ademxapp icon ademxapp

Code for

ailearning icon ailearning

AiLearning: 机器学习 - MachineLearning - ML、深度学习 - DeepLearning - DL、自然语言处理 NLP

apktool icon apktool

A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files

arwjpg icon arwjpg

Converts RAW files from Sony camera to JPG files

autoportraitmatting icon autoportraitmatting

Tensorflow implementation of Automatic Portrait Matting on paper "Automatic Portrait Segmentation for Image Stylization"

awesome-object-detection icon awesome-object-detection

Awesome Object Detection based on handong1587 github:

basicsr icon basicsr

Open Source Image and Video Restoration Toolbox for Super-resolution, Denoise, Deblurring, etc. Currently, it includes EDSR, RCAN, SRResNet, SRGAN, ESRGAN, EDVR, etc. Also support StyleGAN2, DFDNet.

bm3d icon bm3d

Clone from

camera_asst icon camera_asst

Assignment 1 for Stanford CS348K (implementing a basic camera RAW pipeline)

cbdnet icon cbdnet

Code for "Toward Convolutional Blind Denoising of Real Photographs", CVPR 2019

closed-form-matting icon closed-form-matting

Python implementation of A. Levin D. Lischinski and Y. Weiss. A Closed Form Solution to Natural Image Matting. IEEE Conf. on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), June 2006, New York

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