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maodong2056's Projects

ai_challenger_2017 icon ai_challenger_2017

AI Challenger, a platform for open datasets and programming competitions to artificial intelligence (AI) talents around the world.

animegan icon animegan

A Tensorflow implementation of AnimeGAN for fast photo animation ! This is the Open source of the paper 「AnimeGAN: a novel lightweight GAN for photo animation」, which uses the GAN framwork to transform real-world photos into anime images.

animestylized icon animestylized

This repo will implement a series of anime stylized algorithm. AnimeGAN, White-box Cartoonize.. etc

ano_pred_cvpr2018 icon ano_pred_cvpr2018

Official implementation of Paper Future Frame Prediction for Anomaly Detection -- A New Baseline, CVPR 2018

automtl icon automtl

Code for "AutoMTL: A Programming Framework for Automating Efficient Multi-Task Learning"

awesome-object-detection icon awesome-object-detection

Awesome Object Detection based on handong1587 github:

awesome-semantic-segmentation-pytorch icon awesome-semantic-segmentation-pytorch

Semantic Segmentation on PyTorch (include FCN, PSPNet, Deeplabv3, Deeplabv3+, DANet, DenseASPP, BiSeNet, EncNet, DUNet, ICNet, ENet, OCNet, CCNet, PSANet, CGNet, ESPNet, LEDNet, DFANet)

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