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Spring's Projects

eclipse-integration-commons photo eclipse-integration-commons

Common SpringSource components used to integrate tooling with Eclipse, like the SpringSource Dashboard, Eclipse Spring UAA, common framework components and workspace configurators

flight627 photo flight627

prototype work towards cloud-based developer tooling

gh-pages photo gh-pages

Shared gh-pages content for Spring projects

gradle-plugins photo gradle-plugins

Gradle plugins for use in building and publishing open-source Spring projects, e.g. Spring Framework, Spring Integration

html5expense photo html5expense

Expense reporting reference app demonstrating HTML5 and cross-platform mobile

spring-amqp photo spring-amqp

Spring AMQP - support for Spring programming model with AMQP, especially but not limited to RabbitMQ

spring-batch photo spring-batch

Spring Batch is a framework for writing offline and batch applications using Spring and Java

spring-data-book photo spring-data-book

Spring Data - The Definitive Guide - Modern Data Access for Enterprise Java Developers

spring-data-build photo spring-data-build

Modules to centralize common resources and configuration for Spring Data Maven builds.

spring-data-cassandra photo spring-data-cassandra

Provides support to increase developer productivity in Java when using Apache Cassandra. Uses familiar Spring concepts such as a template classes for core API usage and lightweight repository style data access.

spring-data-commons photo spring-data-commons

Spring Data Commons. Interfaces and code shared between the various datastore specific implementations.

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