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Alibaba's Projects

acqdp icon acqdp

Alibaba Cloud - Quantum Development Platform

ai-matrix icon ai-matrix

To make it easy to benchmark AI accelerators

alicemind icon alicemind

ALIbaba's Collection of Encoder-decoders from MinD (Machine IntelligeNce of Damo) Lab

alink icon alink

Alink is the Machine Learning algorithm platform based on Flink, developed by the PAI team of Alibaba computing platform.

alios-things icon alios-things


alios-things-linux-edition icon alios-things-linux-edition

AliOS Things Linux Edition released by Alibaba is an open-source implementation of operating system (OS) for Internet of Things (IoT).

alisql icon alisql

AliSQL is a MySQL branch originated from Alibaba Group. Fetch document from Release Notes at bottom.

alisqlbackup icon alisqlbackup

AliSQLBackup(based on Percona XtraBackup) is a online backup tool for AliSQL(

alist icon alist

Alibaba Group Unified List Solution.

alpha icon alpha

Alpha是一个基于PERT图构建的Android异步启动框架,它简单,高效,功能完善。 在应用启动的时候,我们通常会有很多工作需要做,为了提高启动速度,我们会尽可能让这些工作并发进行。但这些工作之间可能存在前后依赖的关系,所以我们又需要想办法保证他们执行顺序的正确性。Alpha就是为此而设计的,使用者只需定义好自己的task,并描述它依赖的task,将它添加到Project中。框架会自动并发有序地执行这些task,并将执行的结果抛出来。

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