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Name: wxDai (戴文勋)

Type: User

Company: Xidian -> Tsinghua, Shanghai AI Laboratory

Bio: 1boy, glasses, orange shirt, black hair, upper body, outdoors, short sleeves, looking at viewer, print shirt, sky, night, Mao Zedong Statue

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Hi 👋, I'm Dai Wenxun (戴文勋 in Chinese)

Now, I am a Master's student at Tsinghua University, supervised by Prof. Yansong Tang (唐彦嵩 教授). I obtained my bachelor's degree from the School of Computer Science and Technology at Xidian University in 2023. I am currently focusing on Vision, Graphics, and Motion Synthesis! I have been an intern at Shanghai AI Laboratory since April 2022 and I'm one of the main contributors for ✨ MMAction2 2.0 ✨.

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Reviewer: ECCV 2024


wxDai (戴文勋)'s Projects

c-compiler icon c-compiler

Tiny self-hosting C compiler (计算机组成原理)

momask-codes icon momask-codes

Official implementation of "MoMask: Generative Masked Modeling of 3D Human Motions (CVPR2024)"

motion-latent-diffusion icon motion-latent-diffusion

[CVPR 2023] Executing your Commands via Motion Diffusion in Latent Space, a fast and high-quality motion diffusion model

motionlcm icon motionlcm

[ECCV 2024] MotionLCM: This repo is the official implementation of "MotionLCM: Real-time Controllable Motion Generation via Latent Consistency Model"

ppsg icon ppsg

PPSG: a noval paradigm of complementary task-oriented pre-training and generalization training

sdlearn icon sdlearn

"Crafting the Demon Within Your Soul"

t2m-gpt icon t2m-gpt

(CVPR 2023) Pytorch implementation of “T2M-GPT: Generating Human Motion from Textual Descriptions with Discrete Representations”

unimocap icon unimocap

[Open-source Project] UniMoCap: community implementation to unify the text-motion datasets (HumanML3D, KIT-ML, and BABEL) and whole-body motion dataset (Motion-X).

vall-e icon vall-e

An unofficial PyTorch implementation of the audio LM VALL-E

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