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algorithm_interview_notes-chinese icon algorithm_interview_notes-chinese

2018/2019/校招/春招/秋招/算法/机器学习(Machine Learning)/深度学习(Deep Learning)/自然语言处理(NLP)/C/C++/Python/面试笔记

alpa icon alpa

Training and serving large-scale neural networks

alphaflow icon alphaflow

AlphaFold Meets Flow Matching for Generating Protein Ensembles

attentioncluster icon attentioncluster

TensorFlow Implementation of "Attention Clusters: Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification"

chroma icon chroma

A generative model for programmable protein design

colossalai icon colossalai

Making big AI models cheaper, easier, and scalable

deepspeed icon deepspeed

DeepSpeed is a deep learning optimization library that makes distributed training and inference easy, efficient, and effective.

design_tools icon design_tools

A compilation of deep learning methods for protein design

diffdock icon diffdock

Implementation of DiffDock: Diffusion Steps, Twists, and Turns for Molecular Docking

dockq icon dockq

DockQ is a single continuous quality measure for protein docked models based on the CAPRI evaluation protocol

esm icon esm

Evolutionary Scale Modeling (esm): Pretrained language models for proteins

evo icon evo

DNA foundation modeling from molecular to genome scale

flownet2-tf icon flownet2-tf

FlowNet 2.0: Evolution of Optical Flow Estimation with Deep Networks

foldcomp icon foldcomp

Compressing protein structures effectively with torsion angles

genie icon genie

De Novo Protein Design by Equivariantly Diffusing Oriented Residue Clouds

m-pact icon m-pact

A one stop shop for all of your activity recognition needs.

machine-learning-learning-notes icon machine-learning-learning-notes


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