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0day icon 0day

各种CMS、各种平台、各种系统、各种软件漏洞的EXP、POC ,该项目将持续更新

chineseocr_lite icon chineseocr_lite

超轻量级中文ocr,支持竖排文字识别, 支持ncnn推理 , dbnet(1.7M) + crnn(6.3M) + anglenet(1.5M) 总模型仅10M

cortex-xsoar icon cortex-xsoar

Demisto is now Cortex XSOAR. Automate and orchestrate your Security Operations with Cortex XSOAR's ever-growing Content Repository. Pull Requests are always welcome and highly appreciated!

deeptraffic icon deeptraffic

Deep Learning models for network traffic classification

django2_dailyfresh icon django2_dailyfresh

dailyfresh电商项目,替换django框架为2.X并重构,美化了下后台管理页面,提供docker版本,该项目包含了实际开发中的电商项目中大部分的功能开发和知识点实践, 是一个非常不错的django学习项目,同时也记录在替换框架中遇到的坑,希望对各位的学习有所帮助。

ecommercecrawlers icon ecommercecrawlers


es2csv icon es2csv

Export from an Elasticsearch into a CSV file

hfish icon hfish


imagepy icon imagepy

Image process framework based on plugin like imagej, it is esay to glue with scipy.ndimage, scikit-image, opencv, simpleitk, mayavi...and any libraries based on numpy

impulse icon impulse

:bomb: Impulse Denial-of-service ToolKit

ja3 icon ja3

JA3 is a standard for creating SSL client fingerprints in an easy to produce and shareable way.

logparser icon logparser

A toolkit for automated log parsing [ICSE'19, TDSC'18, DSN'16]

mask_rcnn icon mask_rcnn

Mask R-CNN for object detection and instance segmentation on Keras and TensorFlow

megatron-lm icon megatron-lm

Ongoing research training transformer language models at scale, including: BERT & GPT-2

metis icon metis

Metis is a learnware platform in the field of AIOps.

misp icon misp

MISP (core software) - Open Source Threat Intelligence and Sharing Platform

mobilemodels icon mobilemodels

手机品牌型号汇总 | Mobile Models | This repository is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

nucleitp icon nucleitp


w5 icon w5

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) Platform. 安全编排与自动化响应平台,无需编写代码的安全自动化,使用 SOAR 可以让团队工作更加高效

web-crawler icon web-crawler


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