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krypt's Introduction

The Krypt Password Manager

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git clone
cd krypt
make build
./bin/krypt # put this executable in your path


krypt add            # add a new password to krypt
krypt edit [regexp]  # edit a password whose name matches [regex]
krypt help [command] # get help about the provided krypt command
krypt list [regexp]  # list the passwords whose names matches [regex]
krypt login          # login to krypt with your master password
krypt logout         # logout of krypt
krypt rm [regexp]    # remove the password whose name matches [regex]
krypt version        # get the version information of krypt


Krypt is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

krypt's People


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krypt's Issues

Better storage options


Currently, all data is store at $HOME/.krypt, and there is no way to configure it to be something different.


A step wise method to get the storage directory from different environment variables is suggested:

  3. AppData (windows only)
  4. HOME

Implement basic functionality in rewrite.

Implement basic functionality of krypt for the rewrite.

  • Basic cryptographic functionality
  • Key derivation system
  • Data storage
  • login command
  • logout command
  • add command
  • list command
  • edit command
  • delete command

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