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kangyuning123's Projects

apollo icon apollo

An open autonomous driving platform

bert_classification icon bert_classification

利用bert预训练的中文模型进行文本分类 数据集中文情感分析语料chnsenticorp

code2vec icon code2vec

TensorFlow code for the neural network presented in the paper: "code2vec: Learning Distributed Representations of Code"

convseg icon convseg

Convolutional neural network and word embeddings for Chinese word segmentation

dig-into-apollo icon dig-into-apollo

Apollo notes (Apollo学习笔记) - Apollo learning notes for beginners.

hp_bone icon hp_bone


jadmin icon jadmin

JAdmin 是一个基于Java语言的快速开发平台,数据库表创建后,只需5分钟就能开发一套后台管理系统。无需JSP,一个Controller,一个JavaBean,就可以实现数据的增删改查。 文本框、单选、多选、图片组件、日期组件、富文本编辑器、坐标选取等等……一个注解轻松搞定。友好的代码结构及注释,便于阅读及开发。 icon

《神经网络与深度学习》 Neural Network and Deep Learning

pytorch-transformers icon pytorch-transformers

👾 A library of state-of-the-art pretrained models for Natural Language Processing (NLP)

senta icon senta

Baidu's open-source Sentiment Classification System.

sentenceclassification icon sentenceclassification

Sentence classification with pytorch, saved GPU memory by putting external word embedding always on CPU

textcnn icon textcnn

only cnn model for sentence classification

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