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Google's Projects

kasane icon kasane

A simple kubernetes deployment manager

kati icon kati

An experimental GNU make clone

kctf icon kctf

kCTF is a Kubernetes-based infrastructure for CTF competitions. For documentation, see

keystone icon keystone

A software architectural modeling tool for programmers.

kf icon kf

Feels like Cloud Foundry. Runs on Kubernetes.

kilt icon kilt

An experimental patchset management tool.

kiwi-solver icon kiwi-solver

Kiwi is a minimalist and extendable Constraint Programming (CP) solver.

kleaver icon kleaver

Kleaver is an experimental tool for managing out-of-tree kernel modules.

kmsan icon kmsan

KernelMemorySanitizer, a detector of uses of uninitialized memory in the Linux kernel

knative-gcp icon knative-gcp

GCP event implementations to use with Knative Eventing.

kotlin icon kotlin

The Kotlin Programming Language

ksp icon ksp

Kotlin Symbol Processing API

ktsan icon ktsan

Kernel Thread Sanitizer, a fast data race detector for the Linux kernel

kube-node-tracer icon kube-node-tracer

A wrapper around the network diagnostic utility `tcpdump` to perform rolling packet captures on ephemeral Kubernetes nodes.

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