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Energy strategies

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energystrategies's Issues

Hydrogen Storage Fixed Costs

Great model and approach. Do the fixed storage costs represent the first cost of the equipment? It's interesting that Hydrogen's fixed cost per the storage_costs.csv is factors of magnitude less then electro-chemical.

Modern nuclear is more dispatchable than suggested on the website

Modern nuclear reactors are dispatchable and can scale to the demand to some extent. Maybe this should be more clearly reflected instead of just assuming a constant baseload?


batteries not included

Awesome tool!

I enjoyed playing around with this, and discovering a mix that would get to zero carbon emissions, but it relies heavily on nuclear while having a substantial excess of wind:

energy mix with wind, solar, and nuclear

It'd be interesting to be able to factor in grid-scale energy storage systems, which might capture some of the excess wind or solar power and use that to fill in gaps; there are a number of different potential solutions ranging from pumped hydro to batteries.

What about hydropower?

Very nice website, it's well made. I have seen that you are totally neglecting hydropower (dam, conduit, etc) in the main graph, is there a particular reason for that?

Indeed this kind of technology can be use to store efficiently the exceeding energy produce by renewable energy and thus smooth the curve.

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