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feature_selection_project's Introduction

Feature Selection Project

Welcome to the feature selection project which concerns of Selection in a large data set consisting of one or more than one features which are either redundant or irrelevant and thus can be removed without incurring much loss of information.

What we have learnt so far

  • What is Feature Selection
  • Why Feature Selection
  • Univariate Feature Selection
  • Multivariate Feature Selection

What we will learn by solving this assignment?

  • How are the features important to our model.
  • How to select the most significant features out of many.
  • How to perform univariate feature selection.
  • How to perform multivariate feature selection.

Now, let's take this forward and increase our understanding of feature selection!

This assignment is a series of simple tasks, in which we will be perfoming feature selection techniques on the house pricing data.

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