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azure-synapse-retail-recommender-solution-accelerator icon azure-synapse-retail-recommender-solution-accelerator

This Solution Accelerator is an end-to-end example on how to enable personalized customer experiences for retail scenarios by leveraging Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Machine Learning Services, Azure Data Lake Storage

azure-synapse-solution-accelerator--part-comparator icon azure-synapse-solution-accelerator--part-comparator

This accelerator was built to provide developers with all of the resources needed to build a solution to find ideal replaceable parts comparing with its charecteristics for avoiding supplieir chain part procurement issue using Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure Machine Learning.

azure-synapse-spark-metrics icon azure-synapse-spark-metrics

Azure Synapse Spark Metrics provides easy metrics monitoring functions for Synapse services, especially, Apache Spark pool instances, by leveraging Prometheus, Grafana and Azure APIs.

azure-tools-for-java icon azure-tools-for-java

Azure tools for Java, including Azure Toolkits for Eclipse, IntelliJ and related projects.

azuread-to-msgraph icon azuread-to-msgraph

Central Data Source for tools aiding in migrating from the PowerShell Modules AzureAD or MSOnline to Graph

azureadexporter icon azureadexporter

PowerShell module to export a local copy of an Entra (Azure AD) tenant configuration.

azureadgraphapps icon azureadgraphapps

These are the applications which are using Azure AD Graph permissions in your tenant.

azureadtoolkit icon azureadtoolkit

PowerShell module to manage Azure Active Directory app credentials.

azureautomaticgradingengine icon azureautomaticgradingengine

Azure Automatic Grading Engine for Educator and Trainers to validate if students have created Azure Resources correctly based on labs, assignments and Assessments

azureautomaticgradingengine_assignments icon azureautomaticgradingengine_assignments

Reference Assignments for the Azure Automatic Grading solution - This repo contains example assessment/references for the Azure Auto Grading Engine, these samples are provided to allow educators to quickly adopt and implement the Azure Automatic Grading Engine service/solution into their classroom teaching.

azurebot icon azurebot

This is the source code which runs the Microsoft AzureBot.

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