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Microsoft's Projects

dotnet-samples icon dotnet-samples

Contains samples and documentation for libraries and tools of the .NET framework. Pull requests welcome!

dotstrings icon dotstrings

Tools for dealing with the .strings resources for iOS and macOS

dpu-utils icon dpu-utils

Utilities used by the Deep Program Understanding team

driver-utilities icon driver-utilities

Driver utilities for building static analysis and other command-line tools.

dronerescue icon dronerescue

This sample demonstrates how to bring AI to edge devices, by using AirSim to generate synthetic training data for a Custom Vision model and then how to deploy the model to edge devices.

drumkit-wp icon drumkit-wp

Drumkit XNA is a virtual drumkit that lets you play percussion sounds by tapping sound pads. The application contains two views for playing, a simple view with 2D pads and a whole 3D like drumset to play with. You can record your beats and play them back afterwards. It is also possible to play the drums on top of your last recording.

drumkitx icon drumkitx

A Windows Phone 8 port of the ​Drumkit XNA example using Direct3D and XAudio for fast graphics and low latency sample playback. This demo app lets you play percussion sounds by tapping the screen. You can record your beats, play them back later and also play drums on top of your latest recording.

dsb icon dsb

The DSB benchmark is designed for evaluating both workloaddriven and traditional database systems on modern decision support workloads. DSB is adapted from the widely-used industrialstandard TPC-DS benchmark. It enhances the TPC-DS benchmark with complex data distribution and challenging yet semantically meaningful query templates. DSB also introduces configurable and dynamic workloads to assess the adaptability of database systems. Since workload-driven and traditional database systems have different performance dimensions, including the additional resources required for tuning and maintaining the systems, we provide guidelines on evaluation methodology and metrics to report.

dsc-data-driven-deployment icon dsc-data-driven-deployment

This is a Proof of Concept Project on how a database solution can be utilized to manage DSC configurations. Metadata for the configuration is stored in JSON within the database so that it can be easily retrieved and deployed. Credentials are also stored securely in the database. The project consists of a database schema and a PowerShell module which has a series of functions.

dscea icon dscea

DSC Environment Analyzer (DSCEA) is a simple implementation of PowerShell Desired State Configuration that uses the declarative nature of DSC to scan systems in an environment against a defined reference MOF file and generate compliance reports as to whether systems match the desired configuration.

dscparser icon dscparser

Allows the conversion of DSC scripts into PSObject for analysis purposes

dstc8-reddit-corpus icon dstc8-reddit-corpus

Code to generate the Reddit corpus for the DSTC 8 competition Multi-Domain End-to-End Track, Fast Adaptation Task

dstoolkit-anomaly-detection-ijungle icon dstoolkit-anomaly-detection-ijungle

This is a repo to implement Anomaly Detection which is the technique of identifying rare events or observations which can raise suspicions by being statistically different from the rest of the observations.

dstoolkit-forecasting icon dstoolkit-forecasting

Template for forecasting data science project and identify consumption profiles in time series

dstoolkit-kg-search icon dstoolkit-kg-search

This repository contains example code to implement a Knowledge-Graph-enhanced search solution

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