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Microsoft's Projects

gltf-sdk icon gltf-sdk

glTF-SDK is a C++ Software Development Kit for glTF (GL Transmission Format -

gltf-toolkit icon gltf-toolkit

A collection of tools for modifying and optimizing glTF assets

glue icon glue

GLUE is a lightweight, Python-based collection of scripts to support you at succeeding with speech and text use-cases based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

gluecos icon gluecos

A benchmark for code-switched NLP, ACL 2020

gnls icon gnls

GN language server and extensions

go icon go

The Microsoft build of the Go toolset

go-cidr-manager icon go-cidr-manager

Go CIDR Manager is a utility for managing and manipulating CIDR blocks using Golang

go-images icon go-images

Docker image packaging and publishing for the Microsoft build of Go

go-infra icon go-infra

Infrastructure supporting the use of Go in Microsoft

go-mssqldb icon go-mssqldb

Microsoft SQL server driver written in go language

go-rustaudit icon go-rustaudit

Go library for inspecting Rust binaries produced with

go-sqlcmd icon go-sqlcmd

The new sqlcmd, CLI for SQL Server and Azure SQL (winget install sqlcmd / sqlcmd create mssql / sqlcmd open ads)

godel icon godel

Large-scale pretrained models for goal-directed dialog

golden-scenario icon golden-scenario

This repository holds the template for running and tracking a Golden Scenario

goodpoints icon goodpoints

A Python package for generating concise, high-quality summaries of a probability distribution

google-play-vsts-extension icon google-play-vsts-extension

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) extension for performing continuous delivery to the Google Play store from your automated CI builds

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