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Microsoft's Projects

mfcstoreclient icon mfcstoreclient

MFCStoreClient is an example of how to access Windows Store APIs from a C++ MFC app.

mfit icon mfit

Memory Fault Injection Tool

mgl icon mgl

Microsoft Genomics Library contains highly optimized compute cores for genomics applications

microbit-chrome icon microbit-chrome

Prototype chrome addon that exposes the micro:bit's serial output to webpages.

microbit-touchdevelop icon microbit-touchdevelop

The glue that binds together TouchDevelop programs compiled to C++ and the micro:bit runtime system

microhack icon microhack

This repository is the central repository for all MicroHacks from customers, partners or Microsoft.

microsecond-arduino-latency-clock icon microsecond-arduino-latency-clock

Microsecond Arduino Code and Schematics accompanying the paper presented in IEEE VR 2020 "Measuring System Visual Latency through Cognitive Latency on Video See-Through AR devices" by Robert Gruen, Eyal Ofek, Antony Steed, Ran Gal, Mike Sinclair, and Mar Gonzalez-Franco

microsoft-3d-movie-maker icon microsoft-3d-movie-maker

This is the source code for the original Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released in 1995. This is not supported software.

microsoft-cloud-services-for-android icon microsoft-cloud-services-for-android

Plugin for easy and fast development of Android Apps connected to Azure Mobile Services, Notification Hub and Office 365 services. The plugin offers integrated development environment with these Microsoft Cloud services within IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio.

microsoft-message-bridge icon microsoft-message-bridge

A messaging bridge that transforms messages and connects different real time interfaces such as service bus and event hub

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