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Microsoft's Projects

alta icon alta

This is the Azure Load Testing Agent repo.

ambaribasedhadoopexporter icon ambaribasedhadoopexporter

Exporter based on Hadoop clusters that use Ambari as their administrative tool, leveraging Ambari API to export cluster's metrics.

ambrosia icon ambrosia

Robust Distributed Programming Made Easy and Efficient

amf0 icon amf0

General-purpose encoder and decoder for amf0

amos icon amos

[ICLR 2022] Pretraining Text Encoders with Adversarial Mixture of Training Signal Generators

amrl-iclr2020 icon amrl-iclr2020

Code for AMRL: Aggregated Memory For Reinforcement Learning published at ICLR 2020 ( The research is focussed on ignoring noise and irrelevant features in RL agents with memory.

anantharekha icon anantharekha

Generates varieties of images of randomized but semantically correct technical diagrams like flow charts and state diagrams. These images can be used to train NNs that perform image segmentation tasks.

ance icon ance

A novel embedding training algorithm leveraging ANN search and achieved SOTA retrieval on Trec DL 2019 and OpenQA benchmarks

angara icon angara

Angara: the modelling environment

angara.chart icon angara.chart

Allows to define and display a chart as a collection of plots such as line, band, markers, heatmap. Supports visualization of uncertain values represented as quantiles.

angara.flow icon angara.flow

A .NET framework for composing, evaluating, inspecting and persisting computational experiments which are represented as a dataflow.

angara.serialization icon angara.serialization

An extendible library for serialization of an arbitrary objects to JSON format extended with type information to facilitate interoperability between .NET and JavaScript platforms.

angara.statistics icon angara.statistics

A collection of statistics algorithms from Mersenne twister generator to MCMC sampling.

angara.table icon angara.table

A library that contains types for table representation and operations to manipulate with tables, as well as save and load them from text files such as CSV files.

angle icon angle

ANGLE: OpenGL ES to DirectX translation

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