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Microsoft's Projects

lis-test icon lis-test

Contains test infrastructure for testing Linux virtual machines on Windows Azure and Hyper-V.

lis3.5 icon lis3.5

Development drivers for Linux Integration Services

lisa icon lisa

LISA is developed and maintained by Microsoft, to empower Linux validation.

litmus icon litmus

AI Assistant for Building Reliable, High-performing and Fair Multilingual NLP Systems

live-share-sdk icon live-share-sdk

A framework for building collaborative Microsoft Teams and M365 experiences.

llvm icon llvm

Fork of the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

llvm-1 icon llvm-1

Mirror of official llvm git repository located at Updated every five minutes.

llvm-lookup-tool icon llvm-lookup-tool

A command-line tool that returns LLVM Static Compiler arguments based on a common microcontroller, or MCU, board name such as "Arduino Uno".

lmchallenge icon lmchallenge

A library & tools to evaluate predictive language models.

lockal icon lockal

Lockal is a bespoke LocalStorage based locking system, allowing atomic actions to be performed across tabs and browser windows.

logassist icon logassist

logassist code released in the scope of the MS initiative

logmerge icon logmerge

Merge multiple log files by timestamp, accommodating multiple timestamp formats.

logrl icon logrl

Logarithmic Reinforcement Learning

logstash-output-application-insights icon logstash-output-application-insights

A plugin for logstash, written in ruby, that will enable to forward collected and processed data, by logstash input and filter plugins, to Application Insights Analytics Open Schema

lonli icon lonli

Testing Diverse Reasoning of NLI Systems

lora icon lora

Code for loralib, an implementation of "LoRA: Low-Rank Adaptation of Large Language Models"

lq-nets icon lq-nets

LQ-Nets: Learned Quantization for Highly Accurate and Compact Deep Neural Networks

lsif-java icon lsif-java

Language Server Indexing Format implementation for Java

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