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factored-segmenter icon factored-segmenter

Unsupervised factor-based text tokenizer for natural-language processing applications

factoryorchestrator icon factoryorchestrator

A cross-platform system service which provides a simple way to run and manage factory line validation, developer inner-loop, diagnostics, and fault analysis workflows.

fairmot icon fairmot

This project provides an official implementation of our recent work on real-time multi-object tracking in videos. The previous works conduct object detection and tracking with two separate models so they are very slow. In contrast, we propose a one-stage solution which does detection and tracking with a single network by elegantly solving the alignment problem. The resulting approach achieves groundbreaking results in terms of both accuracy and speed: (1) it ranks first among all the trackers on the MOT challenges; (2) it is significantly faster than the previous state-of-the-arts. In addition, it scales gracefully to handle a large number of objects.

farmbeats-universitycommunity icon farmbeats-universitycommunity

The Microsoft FarmBeats University Community repo, helps educators and students learn about precision agriculture and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

farmvibes-ai icon farmvibes-ai

FarmVibes.AI: Multi-Modal GeoSpatial ML Models for Agriculture and Sustainability

fast icon fast

The adaptive interface system for modern web experiences.

fast-blazor icon fast-blazor

Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor components library. For use with ASP.NET Core Blazor applications

fast-cli icon fast-cli

A project for FAST command line interface tools.

fast-creator icon fast-creator

An application for designers and developers to create web experiences.

fast-prototyping icon fast-prototyping

DevSquad Reference Implementations about Modern Cloud Development based on DevSecOps Practices

fast-react icon fast-react

An archive of, this project contains the source-code for FAST's deprecated React components.

faster icon faster

Fast persistent recoverable log and key-value store + cache, in C# and C++.

fastformers icon fastformers

FastFormers - highly efficient transformer models for NLU

fastrdfstore icon fastrdfstore

The MSR FastRDFStore Package is designed for creating an in-memory index of RDF triples, implemented as a WCF service in C#, and consists of server & client side code.

fastseq icon fastseq

An efficient implementation of the popular sequence models for text generation, summarization, and translation tasks.

fb.resnet.torch icon fb.resnet.torch

Torch implementation of ResNet from and training scripts

featurebits icon featurebits

Feature Toggling/Flagging package to support continuous deployment

featurebroker icon featurebroker

A library for collecting features and performing inference of machine learning evaluations based on those features, useful especially in situations where the feature publishing software components are strongly decoupled from the software components that wish to exploit those features in machine learning models.

featureflightingmanagement icon featureflightingmanagement

Feature flighting in an Enterprise application allows you release your features in a controlled fashion using feature flags (aka feature toggles). The feature flighting service allows you to manage feature toggles/flags for your application. The service is built on top of Azure App Configuration and offers additional capabilities like Ring rollouts, customized operations, integration with Microsoft Graph and HTTP-based integration.

featuremanagement-dotnet icon featuremanagement-dotnet

Microsoft.FeatureManagement provides standardized APIs for enabling feature flags within applications. Utilize this library to secure a consistent experience when developing applications that use patterns such as beta access, rollout, dark deployments, and more.

featurizerslibrary icon featurizerslibrary

A library of cross-platform, cross-framework, cross-programming language featurizers (operations in a data processing pipeline) that can be used during Machine Learning training and prediction activities.

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