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Microsoft's Projects

earth-lens icon earth-lens

Earth Lens, a Microsoft Garage project is an iOS iPad application that helps people and organizations quickly identify and classify objects in aerial imagery through the power of machine learning.

ebpf-for-windows-public-talks icon ebpf-for-windows-public-talks

This is a repository for storing public talks and presentation material. This is separate from the repo which has the code, samples and things related to building ebpf-for-windows platform.

echodensity icon echodensity

Reference implementation and test synthetic data for Sorted Center Time echo density measure for acoustic impulse responses

econml icon econml

ALICE (Automated Learning and Intelligence for Causation and Economics) is a Microsoft Research project aimed at applying Artificial Intelligence concepts to economic decision making. One of its goals is to build a toolkit that combines state-of-the-art machine learning techniques with econometrics in order to bring automation to complex causal inference problems. To date, the ALICE Python SDK (econml) implements orthogonal machine learning algorithms such as the double machine learning work of Chernozhukov et al. This toolkit is designed to measure the causal effect of some treatment variable(s) t on an outcome variable y, controlling for a set of features x.

eddi icon eddi

Code for paper EDDI: Efficient Dynamic Discovery of High-Value Information with Partial VAE

edge-diagnostics-adapter icon edge-diagnostics-adapter

Microsoft Edge Diagnostics Adapter is a protocol adapter that enables tools to debug Microsoft Edge using the Chrome DevTools Protocol.

edge-selenium-tools icon edge-selenium-tools

An updated EdgeDriver implementation for Selenium 3 with newly-added support for Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

edge-video-services icon edge-video-services

Edge Video Services (EVS) is a Microsoft platform for developing video analytics solutions that can be deployed across the edge and the cloud.

edgeml icon edgeml

This repository provides code for machine learning algorithms for edge devices developed at Microsoft Research India.

education icon education

Enabling app developers to develop great UWP apps for education scenarios

edx-configuration icon edx-configuration

a simple, but flexible, way for anyone to stand up an instance of the edX platform that is fully configured and ready-to-go

eevm icon eevm

Enclave ready EVM (eEVM) is an open-source, standalone, embeddable, C++ implementation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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